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  • How to style a round coffee table

    How to style a round coffee table

    If you are bold enough to forego the basic square coffee table for round, kudos! It takes a confident person to think outside the design box. But you might wondering, how the heck do I style this thing? 

    Fear not, the round coffee table is actually just as versatile (if not more!) when it comes to styling. Now, you might have a very specific decor style in your home - maybe farmhouse is your thing or high glam. Whatever your style, there are a few things to keep in mind when adding that extra layer of decor to your space.

    First off, there are no "rules" to how you style your table. That's right, if you take a look at any home decor and design magazines or books, some of the most appealing spaces have unexpected styling. The point is, this area of your home is meant to spark conversation, aide in relaxation, and bring you joy. You might be having some mid-winter blues and need a pop of color. How about a bowl of citrus, a candle, and a vase of bright buds? 

    Next up, remember that this space is supposed to be flexible. Don't get too caught up in finding the "perfect" accessories for your coffee table, you'll be happier if you try a few things and exchange or move around accessories each season (or weekend, if you're like me!). I recommend using little personal touches like a souvenir from your honeymoon or girls trip that brings back memories. The books you are reading at the moment are both useful and stylish, use them to create height.

    Finally, a round coffee table is bold and interesting, so don't focus on making things appear neat. Sometimes, the scattered appearance of objects looks the best with this shape. Now, I understand the desire to have everything in its place, so if that sounds like you, find a cute tray and style within that space. The whole point of this exercise is to help you find what brings you joy in your styling, so if organized style brings you joy - go for it!

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