About Us

Pomeroy 142 is a family business born from a need for healthier home products. The handmade, all-natural candle company was started by me and my partner Scott, and now has expanded to include my mother, Patrice, as the chief candle maker.

During his battle with cancer, Scott realized that the products he was using on a regular basis needed to be cleaned up. We began researching ingredient lists for home and personal care products, and tackling as much DIY as we could to avoid the questionable big brand products. After reading an article about the realities of indoor pollution, often caused in large part by scented candles and aerosol fragrances, I made it my mission to create a scented candle that wasn't harmful to human health or the environment. This is how the first Pomeroy 142 candle was born in 2017.

While many brands are stepping up to be transparent about ingredients and sourcing methods, we believe that there is always room for more health conscious products in the marketplace. We believe that companies can be successful while keeping consumer and environmental health in mind and this drives our decisions for Pomeroy 142 every single day.

In the last two years, Pomeroy 142 has seen tremendous growth. To kick off 2022, my mom, Patrice, is now pouring candles in her workshop in Nebraska. This allows us to serve wholesale customers across the country as well as our loyal online customers. I'm beyond excited about what the future holds for this little family business!

If you'd like to get in touch, please send an email to megan@pomeroy142.com.