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  • Best non-toxic skincare products

    Best non-toxic skincare products

    Not only am I passionate about non-toxic, natural candles - but also the products I use each and every day, which is why I've rounded up some of my favorite skincare products and brands that boast natural, non-toxic, and organic ingredients. 

    I should start out by stating that it took a lot of trial and error before I really found the products that are working for me now. With that said, I change products seasonally so this isn't always the go-to list. My skin type is sensitive, dry, and I do suffer from the occasional adult acne outbreak (hormones!). This is what's working for me now.

    Tata Harper's Hydrating Floral Essence

    Tata Harper's skincare

    I am a pretty serious Tata Harper fangirl. Not only are the ingredients pure and non-toxic, but Tata Harper herself is in the trenches designing each formula and even grows some of the plant materials on her farm in Vermont. To hear her talk about her story and how she develops her line is inspiring as a business owner dedicated to creating better consumer products. The price tag is higher than your drugstore face cream, but it's well deserved. They pack a punch and you get the added comfort of feeling certain the products are safe. Check it out on the Tata Harper site.

    Goop's Luminous Melting Cleanser

    Goop Luminous Melting Cleanser

    This stuff is seriously a life saver for my dry skin. It may seem like a small fortune to spend on cleanser, but it will last a long time and you'll never have that "squeaky clean" feeling that ends up causing redness and flaking. I use this twice a day and it is the first step in my life-long mission in trying to achieve "dewy skin." You can order it here on Goop's website.

    100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

    100% Pure

    Non-toxic, natural skincare doesn't have to cost a fortune and that's proved with 100% Pure's Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. I gravitate toward anything that promises to wake me up and de-puff. This little miracle in a tube does both. Pick it up on the Detox Market's site here.

    Josh Rosebook's Advance Hydration Mask

    Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask

    As I've mentioned, my skin is naturally parched and I need serious moisturizers to keep it looking hydrated. Josh Rosebook's mask boasts aloe vera and numerous plant oils which means it's super natural and will work with your cells to deliver moisture. Pick it up on the Detox Market here.

    What are your favorite products? Tell us in the comments.

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  • About Pomeroy 142

    About Pomeroy 142

    Hi there!

    I think it's important to let you all in on our "why" - what prompted the creation of a natural candle company and our goals for the future.

    My name is Megan and I am the candle maker behind the scenes pouring each candle here at Pomeroy 142. I've painstakingly measured, mixed, and melted the candle that shows up on your doorstep. Each candle is guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals because I believe that as a consumer, you deserve the products that you bring into your homes to work in harmony with your body, not against it.

    If you were to have met me ten years ago, you would have witnessed me using big brand cleaning products, ingesting frozen meals regularly and drinking diet soda by the case. There wasn't the spotlight on nontoxic products that we see today. Brands like Honest and Seventh Generation were just getting mainstream attention and I didn't take the time to understand why.

    The first "awakening" I had in terms of products and health was when I was using a Swiffer wet-jet mop for the first time around my partner, Scott. He had just finished chemotherapy and had an adorable dog at home. He stopped me in my tracks and said he didn't want contact with the products I was using to clean our house, and he didn't want his dog (who spends all day on the floor) to either. 

    This was a bit startling to hear since I hadn't even contemplated this as an issue before. Because of this, I started researching everyday products to understand just exactly what was being marketed to me and why. 

    I threw out the big brand cleaning products first. I started learning about what was going on my skin and hair and began the process of transitioning to clean beauty. I started buying food that was mostly in-season and organic. But something had been nagging at me; what about the products in my home that I don't use to clean or have direct contact with my body? 

    Like most American women, I have had a candle on my kitchen counter for as long as I can remember. I happened to do a quick search online about candle ingredients and was blown away. I learned that Paraffin wax is made from petroleum and other chemicals which when inhaled from candle fumes can cause lung cancer. As I kept digging, I realized that there aren't any federal regulations on candles that are being sold to consumers in this country.

    This product that we light and inhale the fumes of could contain anything - and we'd never know. Up until recently, most wicks contained lead - and although lead wicks have been banned, it's estimated that about 30% of candles on the market still have wicks containing lead. The other harmful component to a typical candle is synthetic fragrance which also boasts harmful chemicals such as benzene derivatives (carcinogenic), aldehydes, toluene and many other known toxins linked to cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders and allergic reactions. 

    So, these candles that we light in our homes to create warmth and welcoming atmosphere are putting off high amounts of carcinogens.

    I initially set out to simply make my own candles using only soy, cotton wicks and natural oils, but friends and family asked for their own and my partner, Scott, encouraged me to share my candles with other folks just like us that are looking for alternatives that they can feel good about.

    Our goal at Pomeroy 142 is simple: Create mindful products for everyday living. You won't find a $50 price tag on any candle in our shop. Each candle is hand-poured and inspected before it hits your doorstep. 

    We hope you enjoy every single item that comes your way - and if not, you can always send an email my way and let me know: megan@pomeroy142.com.



    Megan Dorcey

    Co-Founder, Pomeroy 142

    Megan Dorcey Co-Founder

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